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New patient-focused cancer, heart and transplant, vision and rehabilitation hospitals augment mental health, pediatric and women’s specialty care.


Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles has partnered with Noteworth, a startup from the second cohort of its accelerator, to give physicians in several hospital departments new tools to monitor the health of their patients at home.

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CVS Health was ranked by Fast Company as one of the top 3 most innovative companies in digital. How were they able to take such a large, traditional brick and mortar company and do a 180 towards digital? By recognizing that a shift in consumer mindset towards mobile-first was looming, and that investing early was key to not only capitalizing, but surviving.

Surgeons want to operate. Family practitioners want to help patients. The healthcare industry needs to advance productivity and efficiency in the EMR patient documentation area for all to win.

Are you using mobile and digital tools to improve your patient and customer satisfaction measurement and follow-up? Read about easy ways to implement real-time feedback into your organizational processes that can boost brand satisfaction and positive word of mouth.

Using sensors to measure various aspects of a patient's health, wearable devices now offer richer, actionable data that extend beyond body diagnostics—they now can educate, alert and anticipate health issues. Sensors and data links offer possibilities for monitoring a patient’s behavior and symptoms in real time and at relatively low cost, enabling physicians to better diagnose disease and prescribe tailored treatment regimens.

UCSF will discuss at HIMSS16 how it is using social media to deliver a widening range of services, including some for cancer and chronic. Multiple clinics are now using social networking technology to deliver mental health services to adolescents, young adults and veterans who need additional care or who might not otherwise receive care. Read more...

The healthcare industry has taken a dramatic leap into the 21st century with an unprecedented systematic overhaul over the last few years. The day of paper record keeping and unreliable patient charts are now being replaced by the Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems capable of storing millions of patient records accurately and across a wide range of time.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a proposal that would place an age-restriction on access to indoor tanning for those under 18 years of age. We join the American Academy of Dermatology in encouraging the FDA to finalize this proposed rule—a potential historic victory for public health.

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