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Using Big Data, analytics and the patented Smart Zones cloud-based audience targeting platform, hospitals, research centers and not-for-profit fundraising organizations can now link any potential new patient, donor or prospective sponsor to their Internet footprint—while protecting user privacy. Through our exclusive partnership with Semcasting, you'll have access to true cross-device targeting capabilities to reach qualified audiences across display, video, mobile, Internet radio, IPTV and social media channels. Digital Healthcom Group provides the experienced digital communications and marketing guidance you and your team need to ensure maximum success.


How Do Smart Zones Work?


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The Smart Zones technology profiles and maps the attributes of every online home, business, school and device to the delivery points of the Internet service providers. Marketers are provided with up to three times the reach and complete transparency to the attributes that define every online audience, without compromising privacy through tracking or use of cookies.


New Donor Acquisition

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 2.17.37 AM.pngCut through the noise and get your message to the people who want to help your cause. Smart Zones supports online fundraising for non-profits of all types on a nationwide or local basis. Provide a mailing list, an existing donor list, or select from our donor models and convert them with nearly 100 percent coverage. We'll help you affordably boost new donor acquisition rates and/or the identification of high-net worth individuals and business owners—all with data-based potential interest in your mission and cause.


Media Zones


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Media Zones predicts the results of any digital campaign before a single impression is ever served. From thousands of campaigns and billions of prior impressions, Media Zones determines up front which categories of media and which sites will perform best.



Automated Predictive Modeling


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Semcasting's patented automated predictive modeling software discovers what is unique about any customer file, list or location, turning that information into actionable marketing intelligence.




Consumer Zones


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With Smart Zones for Consumers, you have access to over 249 million online individuals, enhanced with over 750 demographic, psychographic and purchase history variables. You always have full transparency to the individuals and devices preferred by your audience.




Site Visitor Attribution


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Site Visitor Attribution (SVA) gives marketers and their agencies actionable insight into all of the traffic to their site, regardless of where that traffic is coming from. SVA monitors and reports on multichannel marketing programs, but it also is a one-step lead generation tool for B2B campaigns.




Big Data & Analytics

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Semcasting's patented automated predictive modeling platform is used to build over 750 data elements for every U.S. household and business. Smart Zone technology identifies the ISP delivery points of over 1.8 billion IP addresses, linking households, neighborhoods, schools, governments and businesses to audiences, websites and devices. 





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